Undergoing Projects

I’ve been currently creating all kinds of projects from my own role playing series, Maplestory videos, and even artwork for sometime. Lately my progress with these projects have been either delayed or on hold until I get the time to either publish, or redo on some errors.

[MapleStory Series] Hybrid

I’m actually attempting to use actual japanese dialogue for this series. The story is mainly about the maple friends and foes I’ve encountered during my maple years, turning it into a storyline.

[Rpg Project] Book 1: Bounds of Destiny
The blade sleeps within the forest which is now inhabited by monsters. The story is about the main character caught up in the conspiracy that thrives the links of humanity. Taking up the blade and becoming the Guardian, has a sole reason for existence, which is to protect the Scarlet Heaven. The Scarlet heaven is a goddess of purgatory, which is also the protector of the elemental insignia’s. Only way to obtain such incredible power, The Black wings (no not a maple reference, completely different before it existed on maple) is to capture the Scarlet, and use them for their evil intentions upon the world. Only problem, is where and who is the Scarlet heaven exactly? Valkryies, which are angelic beings also have intentions, and are often mistaken for the goddess due to their celestial wings.

After the catastrophe and the destruction of the Guardian’s world, he was then forced to the ‘corrupted’ world. Entering the new world, the Guardian still has yet to potentially use his power, let alone the reason to protect the Scarlet. He is later told that he is a guardian to protect everyone from the Scarlet Heaven. Still unsure, he adventures for more answers.

[Rpg project] Book 2: Bounds of Destiny – Scarlet Heaven
Just when the final battle concluded the Black Wing’s threat, the aftermath resulted into not only the Guardian’s disappearance, but ending up suffering from Amnesia. The friends continue to search for the missing hero as they get assistance from the princess of Valencia, during that time.. the Scarlet was getting chased by the knights sent by the princess herself. Avoiding the squad, she then sees the fainted guardian near the shore. After waking up, the Guardian wondered about his past and who he was other then being the ‘Guardian’ and skilled with swords. The scarlet then explained that the actions he had done in ‘book 1’ was helping the Dark Masters, which is the main threat behind the Black Wings. Agreeing to help without hesitation, and the lost memories of his comrades, he ventures with her as the new threat emerges. After understanding the true threat, will he cut through the enemy lines, including his friends?

[Rpg Project] Book 3: Bounds of Destiny: Fall of the Guardian
15 years into the future, the world had fallen upon the apocalypse of Mirage and her elite groups of the Omega Beings. The Guardian and company was said to have been killed by the forces that had awaken from vengeance. World ruled by fear, was said to be instantly killed if there was any sign of rebellion against the ruler. Taking up the sword, the Guardian’s daughter along with the very few surviving heroes, decides to take on the resistance of Mirage.


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