On this page, I’ll be posting my opinions of various things.. such as movies, games, animes.. even a few.. ‘fun’ stuff if you get my drift~ Though do note that I have a mature mindset, so if you can’t handle what you see or hear, then don’t fret over it.


4 responses to “Reviews

  1. I’m amazed at what you do, naughty and action wise!~ ;3
    Its so weird that I could have walked past you in Maple Story without realizing it.
    If I had a email or a button for real reviews to tell you how I 100% feel about your work, It would be as long as a book! And yes, i’ve fapped to it ^^;;

  2. things that are a turn on would be:
    -different positions
    -clothes on
    -and maybe location?
    which you have done alot in your mapletai vids 🙂 goodjob mate!

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