[Maple Series] Hybrid

This is to those who wants to understand more about the Hybrid series. All the details below will all be explained as the story progresses.

===Before the Hybrid series====================
Later on after the series is complete, I plan to release another series that takes place before all the
events of Hybrid. Filling in more gaps and more unanswered characteristics about the main characters.

================Setting of the Hybrid series====================================
500 years ago, a disturbance lead to the great war between monstrous titans and humans. Humans were near the edge of existence, until a band of heroes calling themselves the ‘oathkeepers’ stood up and fought the enraging war. Using the ‘mirror of miracles’ in which is said to grant anyone’s wishes, brought peace to the maple world. When peace was brought upon the world, time nearly stood still as the mirror’s side effect nearly granted the heroes almost everlasting life in order keep balanced peace. This side effect, was known as ‘Hybrid’, granting the heroes and those related, an ability go far beyond human expectations. Within the abilities of a Hybrid, there are recoils in which punishes a user for battles. Example, in order to use the power of darkness, recoil would only mean using darkness with no emotion control. After the war, the mirror was said to be placed somewhere to no longer abuse it’s power. Only until a new evil arises..


=====================Character Bios==================================
this is to those who wants to learn more about the Characters in the series. If you still want to wait until the series present the characters, then do not read any further as some may have spoilers

Name: Kaede
OathKeeper Rank: I
Hybrid Blood: Doppleganger/Matter
Recoil: ??? (spoiler)
background: Out of all the members of Oathkeepers, she outranks everyone with her devastating skills to turn the tides of each battle by using her hybrid abilities which alters her weapon to any favor. She is also the main protagonist of the story before Hybrid. Carrying all her burdens with her, she stays strong to rise into a leader. Lately she had become more distant towards her members and left Andrew and Lynda in charge.

Name: Lynda
OathKeeper Rank: II
Hybrid Blood: Fire Starter
Recoil: Doom (if inherit skill activates, user must ‘win/kill’ the opponent, otherwise engulf in death)
background: Mastering the strongest fire magic in her past adventures, she is both lethal when it comes to long range and close combat, and with that being said her hybrid ability gives her a secure win as it boosts physical and magic attributes. Defense users will have a difficult time as she can destroy most weapons with the fire’s temperature.

Name: Andrew
OathKeeper Rank: III
Hybrid Blood: Time
Recoil: Age acceleration (everytime ability is used, user ages)
background: The main protagonist of Hybrid. Although he harnesses the ability of time, he relies more in his combat abilities with his Sword. He is both tactical and patient due to his past experiences. In the past storyline he had a decision of sacrificing 1 life to save 200 people, or to risk 200 lives for 1 person. He proved to everyone that there was a way to save all 201 civilians. He later also realizes that the power of time is his gift.. and his curse.

Name: Mikey
OathKeeper Rank: IV
Hybrid Blood: Dark
Recoil: Emotional control
Background: In combat, he focuses on pure Power, enough to crush defense without a problem. Although with his hybrid ability, his enraging power becomes uncontrollable as the side effects give him difficulty controlling his emotions. In the past storyline he has a strong rivalry with Andrew but later on becoming good friends. He tries to prove his love to Kaede as she is quite strong willed and gives him the slapstick from time to time. He is currently wandering and still persisting to catch up with Kaede and helping out those in need. Even darkness has a big heart.


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