Damn.. really haven’t touched this wordpress at all lol.

For those who are still following me I’m very appreciative, though I think it’s wise to abandon this graveyard as it is pretty empty with my busy schedule. If I do get back into blogging I might set up a differently location.

Maple related wise I haven’t been too active, but I have been doing requests and spriting for others now a days. So sad to say whether I want to release them or not, it’s my policy that I don’t publicize them unless they don’t mind.

I’ve also been picking up a lot of java coding. It’s amusing how some of the material is starting to make sense, especially going back and looking at some of the private server’s old material. I’ve already mentioned elsewhere that I’m experimenting on hosting the old hybrid server, though with some interesting perks.


hmm.. what else… So I’ve been told an amusing story from a buddy of mines who had been posting mapletai on an imageboard (yeah you already know the site), Which honestly I don’t really visit at all. Anyways, an amusing story is about a member who had apparently some kind of ‘grudge’ regarding my work material, which made me chuckle a little. So, the funny thing is my friend decided to create a new username account and post my work to see reactions just out of curiousity. She started posting material that didn’t have my watermark and got some positive comments from members including that ‘user’ with praise. So as a final step, she posted the work with my watermark and caught those who were praising off guard, including that guy. It’s just funny to see him go on a hate mode finding out it was my work, when clearly he was indulged with amusement moments before. It’s just silly to think there’s haters in such an imageboard considering they’re all just fappers lol.


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  1. Hey Drifter, i know this may sound strange, but i think i have a theory that involves you. I’ve noticed that at the rule 34 page for maplestory, one particular uploader has a very good collection of your work. A Mr. SauceSuace. Now, i’m beginning to think that he is of two possible things; ether A.) He’s a close buddy of yours who you trust to release your work over time, or B.) He is you in disguise, allowing you to spread your work in secrecy. Again, this is my theory, so feel free to correct me or anything. Also, as a fan of yours, i think i speak for all the fans when i say this…please tell us where your site is. We have looked all over the place and can’t find it. So please tell us so we can end this web searching hunt and just enjoy your wonderful work. Thank you for your time and may the gods bless DxH.

    • actually, the reason I know of this is cause of my friend, verywildinbed. She’s a close one when it comes to my work, so she does the updating. When there’s something neat on r34, she would share it whether it’s maple related or not, haha. But I like the way you think, I appreciate critical thinking~ Sorry but this is something I can’t share now other than little by little progress. Kind of like giving people slices of the pie gradually instead of spoiling you all by giving you the whole thing xD Though I’d have to say, there’s still a lot of chinese and japanese sites that you guys should really look through. There’s still a lot undiscovered work, which I’m surprised that you all haven’t seen yet~

      • Ahhh yes, Miss. Verywildinbed, i like her YouTube work (sucks she cant post more good stuff). I could tell she was a close associate of yours, so no surprise there. Anyway, I figured from past explorations into mapletai that a lot of good undiscovered work can be found on Asiatic sites. I still patrol them often, so maybe i might find more of your work sometime. Anyway, i can understand your manner of operation (being a small time animator myself) and hope for more info in the future.

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