minor this and such

I haven’t been using this site as much as I normally do, mainly because I’m quite busy with a lot of on going things. It’s also lame with the whole google+ integration.

I first want to congratulate the 3 people that discovered my other page, and that’s all I need to confirm myself. Though even that site will be less active eventually.

Apologies to those who had been trying to hear updates with me as I’ve had less time to animate mainly due to reality stuff. I’m starting to get more involved with legit filming and such, so sitting on my pc is less likely now a days other than editing or emails.

On a side note, on the go I’ve picked up Pokemon X and Y version on a whim, if anyone wants to add me I could use more buddies ^^
Friend Code is
Drifter: 3883-5653-9502


22 responses to “minor this and such

  1. Dude…come on. I know its your work and all (which is great work btw). Still, those three people could just be your friends or even something you made up to keep us looking for something that doesn’t even exist possible. My point, its really kinda..well..yk…jerkish…to set up a fine bounty of goods somewhere in a vast space with no clues. That’s like burying a treasure chest in the Caribbean somewhere without a map for anyone to follow. Please Drifter, end this wild goose chase. So many people will thank you if you do. Thank You -Signed, A Fan with Slowly Losing Loyalty to You….sorry man but people have their patience limit yk =(

    • Well, honestly if that’s how you feel I respect it, however I’ve already mentioned this several times. We all have certain degree of patience, as well as I do with my work. Oddly a friend had been gradually leaking my work already awhile back, but it appears that even with those stuff being shared is being voted off or removed. So it’s hypocritical in my viewpoint to all of you. People may share their other work and it’s fine, but I do things differently. If it’s sunken treasure, it’s hidden or difficult to find for a reason, if those guys could find it then I don’t see what’s the problem. Besides, there’s plenty of talented creators out there (sadly some are very cocky) that already do post their work. I haven’t checked the ‘certain site’ you all visit to find mapletai, but I’m sure there’s a lot out there by now.

      • Thx man! ^^

        By the way… Your not giving the link of your new site… But, can a ask you a big favor? The pic you post on your old one with Angelic Buster! I really want to see it uncensored… Just this pic… Please?… ><

      • All Right… You seen to not want to give it nicely… So what about if I win it? ๐Ÿ™‚
        I challenge you in Pokรฉmon Y ! I won a battle (no legendary), would you send me that only pic of Angelic? If I lose, I promise to give you a shiny Emolga, Shiny Gabite, Shiny Dragalge, Shiny Relicanth, Shiny Spiritomb, or a shiny Lampent. So? Is a win-win for you to accept ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Have you ever considered streaming/making a video on how you make Mapletai? I want to give it a go but need a push or something of a “how to” before I start on my own. Is there anyone else that you know or communicate with that is in the same lines of creating mapletai? I keep thinking that a community exists but keeps itself hidden and is mainly private.

  2. Ok man…ive had it. You are just officially being..idk what. You tell us that the site exists somewhere in the web, yet no one has found it besides “3 lucky people”. Man i swear, if this is some kind of troll bull, then you have lost it. It’s only made worse when you dont come here enough to give us info. IK you have a life and i respect that, but come on man…..stop being a…..ahhh whatever.

    • We’re all are still waiting Drifter….you freaking coward. IK this was all a freaking sham, you never could be trusted. I used to admire your work…now it reminds me of what an ass you are to us fans. I hope you like your site cause NO ONE is ever gonna find it! SO JUST TELL US WHERE IT IS!! That is if it actually exists. You suck man…i mean all disrespect to you now. Screw up Drifter…you prick.

      • Ohh and PS…..don’t think i forgot about your whole “ordeal” with your little hacker…I have those photos mate, they show a truer side of you alright, a side of lying, cheating, and wickedness…you’re scum mate…

      • cool. screenies. I’ve already explained that situation and could careless whatever ‘evidence’ or so you call it, you have. If you cant find it, oh well. It’s pretty humorous knowing people want to see my work yet I’m getting insults. It’s similar to how one of my buddies even was gradually putting them up (like some of you guys are wanting) on r34 yet you all are going ‘OMG ITS DRIFTERINDENIAL’S WORK, FLAG IT’. So I no longer have a point to even mention my work, as it’s far away from this site. If you guys want it so badly, why don’t you make some yourselves? Make me proud, mate.

      • BULL!!! I say you dont give a shit about us. Thats my problem. I dont care about how you wanna hide your work or any of that…its because you are a giant ass. People rag on your stuff because you wont support the people who freaking help you get places…yk these people called FANS!!! Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass for once and saw we care but wont take crap, maybe the hate would stop. so stop being a idiot and show us repsect. And knowing you…dont try to talk your way out of this…yk everything here is true you little picece of….you get the point. Your move drifter….be a DB and be hated or give us repsect and you shall be payed ten fold…..choose wisely >(

      • You sir, are indeed the wrong one. I infact do care about those who are appreciative of others who brought me to where I am now. To start off, you’re the one that needs to stop jumping the gun. Because clearly if you really knew how I rolled or know how I TRULY worked, I’m supportive to those who are inspired or needing a jump start, I don’t even know where to begin where you got that idea considering you’re probably the only one that’s spewing hate lol. Have you seen animators? have you seen spriters? I myself would like to see your work whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but you won’t hear me criticize unless it’s for proper improvement purposes. Either way, they’ve mostly been inspired by others including myself. I’ve already explained my fair share and you’ve seen part of my work, it’s up to you and others to spread it in your own style. Whether I want to show my work to others is up to me and me alone as it is you to share your work. Much like Dray86 and a few to start a revolution of new animators and series. I don’t need to prove anything to any of you all, as I’m doing what I’m doing, for my own reasons but i’ll never say I don’t appreciate those that I’ve inspired. But good sir, do elaborate on your ‘its because you are a giant ass’, because your statement isn’t even properly described.

      • -face palms- wow..omg…i cant believe it….i actually am beyond hating you. I just…omg. Man, I AM a fellow animator, so for one, i can criticize you as a fellow artist and for two, I am a real man of the people. That means my work is for the public. I feel you don’t get that. I’ve been hated on too but i still let my work be free to the public despite the hate. I don’t want a war with you man. I really do respect your work but…god…your character sucks. I’m soo damn close to losing it with you. How the hell anyone can put up with you, even love you like H (who deserves WAY better then you) does, is a mystery to me. -Sighs- Look man, you just are not like anyone else in animation. YK why…because you are a freaking giant….yk what…forget it. You’re so fucking high on yourself that you’ll just try and get away again. Drifter….you’re official dead to us. Fuck off and get ruined. Ohh and your site, keep it. WE don’t need it cause real artists are giving us stuff that you could only dream about. So Fuck you man….just Fuck You

      • you’re no different than me as anyone else. my work is my work and i’ll decide what I want to show and not to show, simple as that. You seem to be impatient going ‘oh fuck you, oh im beyond hating you’, I do hope you realize your maturity level really speaks to me. Once again, you do not know how I work. You’re still not giving me a concrete elaboration other than insults. If you really have beef with me then why not reveal yourself? I’d like you let out this destructing rage you’re so called building. So you refer to me as dead to ‘us’. are you implying you and yourself or you and the community? but ill let you in a little secret. I never wanted to be an animator. ‘le gasp! then you should quit blah blah’, my goal was for the guild and the guild alone, it’s only then people found interest in my work and i appreciated it. however even till now i’m just doing what im doing and if people enjoy it good, if people don’t oh well? As far as i’m concerned they’re opinions. love it, hate it. Please, if you’re planning to butt into my relationship, you clearly do not know us. I can easily respond to you as ‘sigh, another person who do not know our love life and only gets information from word of mouth and not from the main source.’ so if your ‘i am a real man of the people’ is clear, then do the honors and reveal yourself, ‘to the public’ and to me ๐Ÿ™‚ and the ‘i feel you dont get that’ response, well of course i dont. because you also dont understand ‘my work is my work and i decide whatever ill do with it’. It’s quite a shame, I almost believed you’ve once ‘respected’ me, but your statements isn’t very strong to validate your arguments. You realize me and hirari are reading this together right? we’re both facepalming on this. And I can tell you one thing man, whether you hate me or not, you’re the one being aggressive while i’m just looking at all this at a mediocre standpoint. Anyways, I aint moving anywhere, it’s only you claiming that I am lol. An animator doesn’t need to please anyone, and it certainly doesn’t need to please you but only to those who appreciate it.

    • -Sighs- Ok then..im done. You’re right…some what. I’l leave you be for now man. Do what you want. I’m only doing this because i cant take you anymore..plus out of past respect as a fellow animator..i’l give you a break. But trust me when i say i’l be back. For now, enjoy the peace.

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