Just so you guys know, I do try to keep this updated for those who are interested in what I have to say.

I’m going to mention this again and possibly for the last time, yes my mature work is transfered elsewhere to somewhere more easier to fix up. Link? what’s the fun if you don’t do the hunting yourself? Id like to see the results. Also, just because Ive created something doesn’t always mean I have to show it to everyone. I could easily say I’ve made something nice but viewable for a few eyes only. why? because it’s my work, my decision. Although for this genre I’m currently experimenting with a lot of media styles especially with spriting capabilities, fun.

ANYWAYS, all that finally out of the way and perhaps for a long time, now that most things are cleared out for long awaited hybrid fans.. getting this project in motion! I keep saying that but man.. those side projects are time consuming. Thanks again to those who support us and I hope to bring a little more before this year ends~