If you don’t want to know or hear about those explicit work, just don’t bother reading~

So some of you may have heard or seen that I do side projects that are aimed for adults (yes, i know some of you are sneaky teenagers). I’ve decided to move it to a different location and different blog as I would have more customization and progress. I’ve abandoned my older side blog since it was pretty limited (renovation took longer than I’ve expected) and plan to make it full out uncensored. Where is it? well that’s for me to know and you to have fun searching. Though I must admit I’m glad I was partly lazy for bringing out my updated sprites/add ons to my gallery, but sorry to those who did appreciate my work. So this whole time you’ve only seen nothing compared to what I’ve created now.

Anyways, there’s a few legit silly factors that I’ve noticed throughout both my animation career and experimentations. So the maple porn/hentai sprites known as ‘mapletai‘ is now called by many spriters and fans. I find it ironic since I’ve made up that term by combining it with ‘hentai’, and now people are calling it that. Yes, i don’t care if it doesn’t seem original, that’s what i called and now people are saying it ~ woo trend starter~

Another fact some of you don’t seem to understand and i will say this bluntly: I get laid.
There I said it, and some of you who goes ‘omg this guy sprites blah blah so obsessed or haha he cant get laid in real life.’
Please.. 😛 real stuff is epic, and i’m only spriting out of passionate inspiration and entertainment, think of me otherwise.. then that’s your problem.

Also, the leak honestly wasn’t a big deal or so people had told me someone spreaded my work. what, a few sprites out of many I have? please. Well I suppose it’s time I started bringing out the bigger guns eventually.