Update on fellow fans and supporters~

While the incidents earlier this month was quite a bit pointless and wasted a great amount of time, things are doing well. Regardless, the hacking events were pretty ineffective especially for the hacker’s end. You can ask me personally on what’s going on and the wave of questions you may have on your mind, but most will be answered on this video:

Excuse the terrible audio as I wasn’t using my computer at the time. It’s not a big deal that I’ve lost my channel as I do have all my work projects backed up and could simply reupload with ease.

Though I must say the sad truth is most people are easily misdirected or submitted to assumptions.

If you’re not close enough to me or even know me personally, all this would obviously spin out of control. I will ask you, my fellow subscribers again:

Are you judging me because of the things you’ve found out about me? or something that is simply assumed what was directed at you rather than asking/knowing me personally?

Don’t know what twisted words or “evidence” that was apparently shown (waste of time to read it all, possibly fake or reworded), but I’ve always tend to have a record of being misunderstood, no? Take a look at the Episodes of Hybrid, Andrew being wrongfully accused by Aeon. Though that’s left for you to judge, I will say no more.

youtube.com/drifterindenial is my new channel


Pointless hacking

By the way, you ‘shemale’, i didn’t react to most of this because it was i who watched you wasted your time gathering all this information. Anyways hope you had fun ‘scrambling’ around.

Also, you can keep all that stuff, since you’re quite a big fan of your findings of me, but please.. provide the fans the next episode of Hybrid they were waiting for.


-Drifter In Denial