[MapleStory] Prediction

Lately I haven’t been up to my game due to the illness i’ve been experiencing lately. On the other note, I’m glad to see Rachelle is becoming happy with my brother. Engagement has already been foretold. My plans are starting to become more distant.. and I only wish for everyone to cooperate.


[MapleStory] Ventures thus far

I haven’t been posting at all, lol. Well for starters.. I’ve been undergoing through the CrimsonWood Keep party quest, which really interested me. For once I’m actually in a boss running group where I felt important and needed. The first attempt with the 4 bosses was a failure. Although after that boss run, OceanLight managed to organize a perfect running group and we successfully complete the party quest each time.

another note, I’ve managed to train Kelly into a Priest, and now I aim towards Rachelle’s priesthood. Sometimes I really wonder why won’t they let me train them.. I mean I offer them my help and it’s not like they have anything to lose..


Another thing I’ve acquired is Advance Combo Attack, which was about time! Ever since then, I’ve been motivated to train. I’ve also been managing Zakum boss runs, which is a big difference to me. It motivates me not only to get stronger, but to show some backbone and leadership.