[MapleStory] Additional stuff

Its been a few days since I posted an entry. More or less I’ve been busy with work and school. Although Maplestory we have a few new goodies that have happened. Our guild, OathKeepers, substained a great job of guild party questing. I created a video in our effort’s attempt, but it wasn’t exactly the best we can actually do. One day I will create something that will be a lot better then that is roughly made video

our guild is continuously growing. I really do hope it will grow for the best one day.


valentine approaches

ahh valentine’s day is a day away. Once again it will be another year of loneliness. Although it’s alright, because it’s no different from any other day for me. I’d be baffled if someone actually wished me a happy valentine’s day. Other than that, I hope those significant couples have a good one.

[MapleStory] Friends I’ve met

It’s been 4 years since I started MapleStory, and looking back, I’ve met so many wonderful people. Words cannot describe how glad I am to have met them. One day I hope to meet each and every one of them, but it would require going through great heights. Everytime I log on each day, I’d get spammed to death, not only on my buddylist, but massively on whispers as well. Originally, I was going to reach level 120 and then take a long break from maplestory, all because my training partner have been busy with life. It’s not that I have anything against her, because it’s reasonable for what’s happening with things occuring within her life. Therefore I will continue this journey, even if I do tend to get sidetracked by helping others, as long as I’m remembered even for the slightest second when I eventually vanish.


[MapleStory] Aquiring Advance combo attack failure

so my buddy arranged a zakum run for me to learn the ACA skill that heroes need, but in order to do that, the hero has to loot the skill and it is untradable. Well since my pal couldn’t run for me, I’ve decided sure why not run myself. Well, At first I thought this run was a free for all and that I could help attack.. turns out the Dark Knight who wanted to led the expedition turned out he wanted to solo. So when I attacked one of the arms of the boss, I sort of got yelled at, since it was considered ‘leeching’. So I just resumed idled until the boss was defeated. Right before the boss was defeated, he told us to take off our pet’s loot equipment, which I was pretty aware of.  Well once the boss dropped dead, the ACA skill was standing right by me. Right when I was about to finish typing asking: ‘ can i loot this?’ he said ‘loot’. So right when I was about to pick it up.. his pet picked it up and said.. “you didn’t loot’, then he later explains that I was the only hero so why didn’t I loot etc. Now.. I’m thinking to myself.. Not only I didn’t get ACA, but all my pots went in vein just waiting for him to kill it. Of course I’m a little upset about all of this, but I realized that letting it out onto rage won’t do any good, so I’m just going to stay passive on this. I have come to a conclusion that I want to actually join a zakum run that would let me fight freely, I mean I know it might sound stupid for me to be even ranting about it.. but it’s something I thought I’d share.  Overall I was just trying to be polite and cautious.. since I know how exp is a big deal to higher leveled players which I could understand.. but if I was in ever in that situation, I could careless about exp and let everyone have fun. Apologies to my friend, I do appreciate all the fundings and time he used to help me.