Damn.. really haven’t touched this wordpress at all lol.

For those who are still following me I’m very appreciative, though I think it’s wise to abandon this graveyard as it is pretty empty with my busy schedule. If I do get back into blogging I might set up a differently location.

Maple related wise I haven’t been too active, but I have been doing requests and spriting for others now a days. So sad to say whether I want to release them or not, it’s my policy that I don’t publicize them unless they don’t mind.

I’ve also been picking up a lot of java coding. It’s amusing how some of the material is starting to make sense, especially going back and looking at some of the private server’s old material. I’ve already mentioned elsewhere that I’m experimenting on hosting the old hybrid server, though with some interesting perks.


hmm.. what else… So I’ve been told an amusing story from a buddy of mines who had been posting mapletai on an imageboard (yeah you already know the site), Which honestly I don’t really visit at all. Anyways, an amusing story is about a member who had apparently some kind of ‘grudge’ regarding my work material, which made me chuckle a little. So, the funny thing is my friend decided to create a new username account and post my work to see reactions just out of curiousity. She started posting material that didn’t have my watermark and got some positive comments from members including that ‘user’ with praise. So as a final step, she posted the work with my watermark and caught those who were praising off guard, including that guy. It’s just funny to see him go on a hate mode finding out it was my work, when clearly he was indulged with amusement moments before. It’s just silly to think there’s haters in such an imageboard considering they’re all just fappers lol.


minor this and such

I haven’t been using this site as much as I normally do, mainly because I’m quite busy with a lot of on going things. It’s also lame with the whole google+ integration.

I first want to congratulate the 3 people that discovered my other page, and that’s all I need to confirm myself. Though even that site will be less active eventually.

Apologies to those who had been trying to hear updates with me as I’ve had less time to animate mainly due to reality stuff. I’m starting to get more involved with legit filming and such, so sitting on my pc is less likely now a days other than editing or emails.

On a side note, on the go I’ve picked up Pokemon X and Y version on a whim, if anyone wants to add me I could use more buddies ^^
Friend Code is
Drifter: 3883-5653-9502


Just so you guys know, I do try to keep this updated for those who are interested in what I have to say.

I’m going to mention this again and possibly for the last time, yes my mature work is transfered elsewhere to somewhere more easier to fix up. Link? what’s the fun if you don’t do the hunting yourself? Id like to see the results. Also, just because Ive created something doesn’t always mean I have to show it to everyone. I could easily say I’ve made something nice but viewable for a few eyes only. why? because it’s my work, my decision. Although for this genre I’m currently experimenting with a lot of media styles especially with spriting capabilities, fun.

ANYWAYS, all that finally out of the way and perhaps for a long time, now that most things are cleared out for long awaited hybrid fans.. getting this project in motion! I keep saying that but man.. those side projects are time consuming. Thanks again to those who support us and I hope to bring a little more before this year ends~


If you don’t want to know or hear about those explicit work, just don’t bother reading~

So some of you may have heard or seen that I do side projects that are aimed for adults (yes, i know some of you are sneaky teenagers). I’ve decided to move it to a different location and different blog as I would have more customization and progress. I’ve abandoned my older side blog since it was pretty limited (renovation took longer than I’ve expected) and plan to make it full out uncensored. Where is it? well that’s for me to know and you to have fun searching. Though I must admit I’m glad I was partly lazy for bringing out my updated sprites/add ons to my gallery, but sorry to those who did appreciate my work. So this whole time you’ve only seen nothing compared to what I’ve created now.

Anyways, there’s a few legit silly factors that I’ve noticed throughout both my animation career and experimentations. So the maple porn/hentai sprites known as ‘mapletai‘ is now called by many spriters and fans. I find it ironic since I’ve made up that term by combining it with ‘hentai’, and now people are calling it that. Yes, i don’t care if it doesn’t seem original, that’s what i called and now people are saying it ~ woo trend starter~

Another fact some of you don’t seem to understand and i will say this bluntly: I get laid.
There I said it, and some of you who goes ‘omg this guy sprites blah blah so obsessed or haha he cant get laid in real life.’
Please.. 😛 real stuff is epic, and i’m only spriting out of passionate inspiration and entertainment, think of me otherwise.. then that’s your problem.

Also, the leak honestly wasn’t a big deal or so people had told me someone spreaded my work. what, a few sprites out of many I have? please. Well I suppose it’s time I started bringing out the bigger guns eventually.

Update on fellow fans and supporters~

While the incidents earlier this month was quite a bit pointless and wasted a great amount of time, things are doing well. Regardless, the hacking events were pretty ineffective especially for the hacker’s end. You can ask me personally on what’s going on and the wave of questions you may have on your mind, but most will be answered on this video:

Excuse the terrible audio as I wasn’t using my computer at the time. It’s not a big deal that I’ve lost my channel as I do have all my work projects backed up and could simply reupload with ease.

Though I must say the sad truth is most people are easily misdirected or submitted to assumptions.

If you’re not close enough to me or even know me personally, all this would obviously spin out of control. I will ask you, my fellow subscribers again:

Are you judging me because of the things you’ve found out about me? or something that is simply assumed what was directed at you rather than asking/knowing me personally?

Don’t know what twisted words or “evidence” that was apparently shown (waste of time to read it all, possibly fake or reworded), but I’ve always tend to have a record of being misunderstood, no? Take a look at the Episodes of Hybrid, Andrew being wrongfully accused by Aeon. Though that’s left for you to judge, I will say no more.

youtube.com/drifterindenial is my new channel

Pointless hacking

By the way, you ‘shemale’, i didn’t react to most of this because it was i who watched you wasted your time gathering all this information. Anyways hope you had fun ‘scrambling’ around.

Also, you can keep all that stuff, since you’re quite a big fan of your findings of me, but please.. provide the fans the next episode of Hybrid they were waiting for.


-Drifter In Denial

[Poem] Strength from a Friend

Strength from a Friend

A world filled with emptiness and betrayel
our friendship has left a long trail,
the same world we both see
we’ll show them all and be set free

Your pain I truly want to mend,
with a situation I want to comprehend,
but I’m very glad I no longer have to pretend
to the one person I can call a true friend.

I’ll be your guardian in black and blue,
and always be there to protect you,
I’ll be your shining knight,
without you I’d probably lose the fight,
I’ll be your hero,
slaying your problems from all to zero.

Every experience I knew how you feel,
hard to see friends knowing who had been fake and who was real,
You and I will always have many acquaintances,
To look at every redeeming faces,

but I’m very glad I no longer have to pretend,
to the one person I can call my bestfriend.